tisdag 15 juli 2014

Something´s happening :-)

Today I couldn´t wait. I just HAD to start!!!
I know it´s unsmart..but can you blame me?
Maby I should show you all a pic of my former craftroom, that has been overloaded and untidied for atleast a year. Jepp. I havn´t been using it at all for a year or more. Instead I just go there to grab what I need, craft at the kitchentable, and then just dump all the stuf in to the room again. Not puting it pack to place. Just shuffleling it in on the table in a pile.,.,,

In my mind, I´m already focusing on the storage in the new craft studio instead.
Ok, i really think you need to see the pictures after all... :-/
A bit full, don´t you think?!
And since I started to use this room, my crafting has changed. So the way I had it from the begining, and the way everything was sorted out, didn´t fit my needs anymore. I knew I had to rearange it. And since my new studio was already planed. It didn´t apeeled to me to do it in this room. That´s why it eventually looked like this.  And not having a functional craft room for a long time, made me want the new one soooon!!!
So today I couldn´t wait any more. I just had to start. Not much, but it mad me feel OH SO HAPPY!!!!
I just LOVE MY STUDIO!!!!!!! A sneeak peek on the stuff I moved in to the room today:

The shelfs are made of metall, so it hit me, that I could use my IKEA magnet containers on the edge of the shelf. Fits perfect!!! <3 p="">This bit of the shelf is exactly as I want it!!!!


I took in some more crafting stuff, but I´m not sure how to store it. It´s not the way as it is on the other end now... but I have to get the feeling of it first.. Now hurry at all.
Next thing is to ad, is my sew-area! I have a vision in my head of how I want it to be (Thanks to Pintrest of course! ) But not 100% sure. Guess I´m gonna rearange the room a couple of times before I get it just THE way I want it. But that´s kind of fun as well. :-D

Weel, now I have some work to do, accounting and booking... So my studio have to wait until tomorow. I bet I´ll dream about the new studio tonight. ;-)   Have A good night all!

måndag 14 juli 2014

Oh soooo slow!!!

Känns som jag ständigt skriver samma inlägg här. Favorit i repris liksom "Äntligen händer det lite"..

Men så är det verkligen. Det går lååååååånga perioder mellan momentetn i mitt nya pysselrum.
MEn nu känns det som det snart börjar närma sig sitt slut.

Golv färdigt helt, väggar färdigt helt. Tak och lampor på plats. Och listerna har börjat sättas dit.

För någon dag sedan fick jag även in mina köksskåp. Och nya bänkskivan är tillsågad, men inte fast skruvad. Sambon tillverkade mina plåthyllor och satte upp dem i helgen. Så det närmar sig som sagt.

Lite bilder oxå så klart! :-) Tyvärr får ni nöja er med mobilbilder just nu.

Hoppas på bättre tid för inlägg och överföring av mina riktiga kamera bilder snart.

Men tills dess. Håll till godo! :)