tisdag 15 juli 2014

Something´s happening :-)

Today I couldn´t wait. I just HAD to start!!!
I know it´s unsmart..but can you blame me?
Maby I should show you all a pic of my former craftroom, that has been overloaded and untidied for atleast a year. Jepp. I havn´t been using it at all for a year or more. Instead I just go there to grab what I need, craft at the kitchentable, and then just dump all the stuf in to the room again. Not puting it pack to place. Just shuffleling it in on the table in a pile.,.,,

In my mind, I´m already focusing on the storage in the new craft studio instead.
Ok, i really think you need to see the pictures after all... :-/
A bit full, don´t you think?!
And since I started to use this room, my crafting has changed. So the way I had it from the begining, and the way everything was sorted out, didn´t fit my needs anymore. I knew I had to rearange it. And since my new studio was already planed. It didn´t apeeled to me to do it in this room. That´s why it eventually looked like this.  And not having a functional craft room for a long time, made me want the new one soooon!!!
So today I couldn´t wait any more. I just had to start. Not much, but it mad me feel OH SO HAPPY!!!!
I just LOVE MY STUDIO!!!!!!! A sneeak peek on the stuff I moved in to the room today:

The shelfs are made of metall, so it hit me, that I could use my IKEA magnet containers on the edge of the shelf. Fits perfect!!! <3 p="">This bit of the shelf is exactly as I want it!!!!


I took in some more crafting stuff, but I´m not sure how to store it. It´s not the way as it is on the other end now... but I have to get the feeling of it first.. Now hurry at all.
Next thing is to ad, is my sew-area! I have a vision in my head of how I want it to be (Thanks to Pintrest of course! ) But not 100% sure. Guess I´m gonna rearange the room a couple of times before I get it just THE way I want it. But that´s kind of fun as well. :-D

Weel, now I have some work to do, accounting and booking... So my studio have to wait until tomorow. I bet I´ll dream about the new studio tonight. ;-)   Have A good night all!

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